Minearl seeking expedition
Cheryl & Richard Sittinger
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Here you'll find a couple of our past write-ups, typical of what we send each month. Click on a link below to view either write-up as a pdf file. Of course, you must have Adobe Reader to open and view these write-ups. The write-ups are copyrighted by Richard & Cheryl Sittinger, and are intended for use by Mineral of the Month Club members; they are not to be distributed to others.






Kyanite (October 2004)

Adamite (May 2008)

Pyrite (March 2006)

Augelite Write-up (April 2005)  

Hemimorphite (November 2006)

Selenite (October 2005)

Halite (June 2006)


Fluorite (October 2007)

Imperial Topaz (March 2001)

As you can see, the write-ups are thoroughly researched and clearly written. As a member receiving the write-ups monthly, your knowledge of minerals will increase greatly, and you will appreciate more fully how they form, how they are of value to us, and what makes each one unique!

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