Minearl seeking expedition
Cheryl & Richard Sittinger
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 Spain Trip 2007


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Each new Club member receives a free copy of the DK Pocket Book "Rocks and Minerals" containing hundreds of beautiful photographs!

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We have three levels of membership to suit your needs, as explained below. We also have Trial Memberships available, so you may check us out without spending much. And we're sure you'll be impressed with the quality of both the minerals and the write-ups! Call us at 1-800-941-5594  during business hours if you have any questions!

Silver-Level Membership:

Our Silver-Level membership is perfect for beginning collectors, young ones, or those with space considerations. Along with their free book, Silver-Level Members receive a smaller, study-size specimen, with the full mineral write-up, for $8/month. Most Silver-Level specimens are between .5" by .5" and 2" by 2", with some smaller, and some larger. A gift Silver-Level Membership makes a great way of introducing someone special to the "Mineral Kingdom!"

A Trial Silver-Level Membership costs $48 for 6 months


A one-year Silver-Level Membership cost $88--12 months for the price of 11! 

Would you like to receive an "Instant Collection"? We can send you the last six minerals featured in 2011 in your first shipment, then the first six months in 2011 for $79--12 months for less than the price of 10!

Gold-Level Membership:

Our Gold-Level membership is perfect for those looking to begin or add to a display-worthy mineral collection! Gold-Level members receive larger specimens, suitable for display, for $26.50/month. Most Gold-Level specimens are between 2" by 2" and 3" by 4" in size, with some smaller and some larger. Gold-Level specimens are in matrix whenever possible, and are always excellent examples of each  mineral. Because of our volume buying, we are often able to provide Gold-Level members with specimens that would normally cost much, much more! Gold-Level Club members also receive a beautifully decorated member-only presentation binder to organize and store their write-ups.  

Gold-Level Membership--Monthly Billing-- $26.50 per month


Our Trial Six Month Gold-Level Membership is $159.00

Would you like to receive an "Instant Collection"? We can send you the last six minerals we featured in 2011 in your first shipment, and then the first six months in 2012 for $275--12 months for less than the price of 11!


Full Year Gold-Level Membership is $291.50--12 months for the price of 11!






Each new Gold-Level and Platinum-Level member receives the beautifully decorated Presentation Binder seen above as our way of saying "Thanks!" for joining our Club. It comes with 25 plastic sheet protectors you may use in storing and organizing your write-ups.

This beautiful binder is available for Silver-Level members for just $12.95 and can be ordered here: 




Rhodonite from Peru-- May 2011 featured mineral

Anhydrite from Mexico, our September 2011 featured mineral 

Atacamite from Australia, our November 2011 featured mineral



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