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How can I be sure I'll receive a high quality mineral specimen every month?

It's very important to us that you be pleased with every specimen we send you. With that in mined,  we are careful not to photograph only the exceptional specimens for our web site and then send you run-of-the-mill minerals--that wouldn't be fair to you! The photos on our web site are typical of the minerals you'll receive. (If this weren't the case, would we still have about 500 active members?)
Keep in mind that because we have connections with many miners and importers, and that we buy in large quantities for our many Club Members, we can obtain choice specimens at the lowest possible price. We hand pick all the specimens with loving care for our Club Members, knowing how much they will be treasured. Many of our Gold- and Platinum-level specimens would typically sell for much more at shows or through internet dealers that what you'll pay us for them!
Many of our Club members have been in our Club for years, and have shared their expressions of appreciation for the minerals we send--click here to read their comments: Club member comments

If you're not satisfied with your first specimen and write-up, return everything in the shipment and we'll promptly refund your money.


Pyromorphite-July 2002 Mineral
Daoping Mine
Gongcheng County
Guilin Prefecture
Guangxi Province, China (Platinum-Level specimen.)

How long has the Club been in operation?

We began the Club with the March 1996 featured mineral, pyrite from Navajun, La Rioja, Spain.

What if I already have the mineral you're featuring that month?

By means of the Club newsletter, we notify Club Members two to three months ahead of time what minerals we are planning on featuring. If there is one on the list that you already have, or simply don't wish to receive, call or Email ahead of time and we'll skip you for that month and extend your membership for another month (we'll still send you your club write-up & newsletter). And of course, any specimen can be returned for a refund.

What if I receive a damaged specimen?

This hardly ever happens because we wrap and ship everything very carefully, but if it does, we send out a replacement right away at no cost to you. All we ask is your assistance if we decide to file a claim with the Post Office.

On what are the write-ups based?

Extensive research is done for each write-up. The write-ups consist of a 2-page overview of the mineral, with only the most important facts, and then a highly detailed 8-page write-up, telling you just about everything there is to know about each month's mineral! But as they say, the proof of the pie is in the eating--check out a sample write-up and you'll begin to see how extensive our research is.

What will I learn that I couldn't learn elsewhere?

You'll find the write-ups are jam packed with interesting facts about each mineral, and are also extremely detailed. We describe the mineral's elemental make-up in depth, and explain how that structure influences its properties such as crystal forms and habits, color, hardness, specific gravity, and much more. We give a summary of important collecting localities, gemstone and decorative uses, and technological and industrial uses. We also describe the discovery and naming of the mineral, how it's been used by mankind through the ages, and any lore attached to it. The final section of the write-up is entitled "About Our Specimens" and delves into the discovery and subsequent history of the find, and explains what makes the featured mineral unique. Click here to read a sample write-up: Sample Write-up

What if I've missed a mineral that I really love?

Because we've had requests from so many Club Members for minerals we've featured before they joined the Club, we endeavor to obtain new lots of previously featured minerals and make these available to Club Members. Contact us if you have any special requests from our past minerals.




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