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Okenite on Gyrolite 
Khandivali, Maharashtra, India
Mineral of the Month - January 1998

Unsolicited Emails and letters received from Club members:

"Hi Richard, just wanted to thank you for the specimen she received, She's showing everyone and always looking at it. Thanks again." --B.H., California

"I just wanted to let you know I received  my shipment of Anhydrite and Aquamarine yesterday and  I am just ecstatic. The Aquamarine was as I expected as you had sent me some very good photos. The Anhydrite is a very nice specimen  just and  a gorgeous pale blue color." --M.P., Canada

" I am so glad to see Mineral of the Month Club finally getting its due. I hope as people see the specimen samples in the article they will be lining up to join. Having attended many many minerals show and visiting rock shops all over the east coast I can say they will not find a better value for their dollar anywhere." -- B.C., Georgia

"I was so happy to hear about the Mineral of the Month Club.  My husband is so hard to shop for--I knew I found the perfect gift for him once I found your website. I almost told him what his gift was last night I was so excited!  He loves sharing his hobby with our sons so it really is a gift for all of us!" -- A.W., Texas

"Received the shipment today. Everything arrived in good condition and am very pleased with the minerals. Was surprised at the size of the carnelian, and the tektite is exceptional. Thanks very much!" --R.A., Louisiana

"That reminds me – I forgot to email you after I got the selenite and anhydrite last month. They were exceptional!! Thanks so much. I am glad I waited for the second batch of anhydrites – that piece was unbelievable! Much showier than I imagined it was going to be." -- E.W., Illinois

"Richard, the barite is beautiful! Thank you so much!" --Debby, Georgia

"Thanks for the terrific barite specimen!" --Bob, Washington

"I just want to comment on the outstanding gold level specimen of barite I got. The beautiful green wafer shaped crystals complemented by the brown matrix really makes for a handsome piece! Thank you again for taking the time and trouble to give up top notch minerals at a reasonable price." --Blain, Canada

"I was extremely busy last week but I wanted to tell you that the barite specimen you sent was absolutely beautiful.  I had forgotten the overall high quality of your specimens but please keep up the good work! -- John, Nevada

"We absolutely love the September anhydrite specimens we received!" --Matt & Michelle, Florida 

"I’ve been a member since last Dec., and I am also a science teacher.  I would like to thank you very much for this month’s mineral, anhydrite from Naica. I have been showing pictures of the Cave of Giant Crystals for several years in my chemistry and earth science classes. The students, like myself, are awed and amazed by the spectacular display of Mother Nature’s handiwork in this cave. This year was no exception, but this year was also different because of you. Including a sample from the Naica mine while I was doing the picture demonstration on the cave was fantastic. Thank-you very much for helping me in teaching my students." --James, Ohio 

"Both specimens arrived safely and were beautiful.   As a matter of fact when showing them to my friends we started having a debate which was actually the finer specimen.  Will be looking forward to next month." --Richard, Louisiana

"Richard, the anhydrite is wonderful! I couldn't stop looking at it. Thank all y'all so much!" -- Debbie, Georgia

"I am a new member. My daughter joined me up in June. I love the aquamarine specimen that you sent me in July. Beautifully clear. Thanks!" --Margaret, New York

I just wanted to let you know I appreciate the card! It felt so personal. She loved the gift! Thanks again! --Tiffany, Colorado

Again, thank you for picking out such a beautiful specimen--I was thrilled with the dolomite. --Gail, Minnesota

Thanks for another stunning specimen. I just placed it in our number one spot, which is where it will stay until you send something to top it! I really appreciate what you send me. --John, Texas

Hey, Richard...got the dolomite...very nice and just so pleased with how this is working out.  Learning so much! -- Cathey, North Carolina

Hi Richard ~ this month's selection is exceptionally beautiful! I must say I got a big kick of all the tiny pyrite cubes and actually thought the dove gray and perfect quartz points prettier than the dolomite! Thank you for the wonderful sample. -- Trish, Washington

Thank you for the Dolomite specimen I recently ordered. I loved it and the stand is perfect! -- Christy, Michigan

"The stibnite was absolutely beautiful. What a really quality piece, especially for gold level." -- Richard, Louisiana

"Thanks, Richard. I really appreciate, enjoy, and treasure the write-ups." --J.B., Pennsylvania.

"I got the rhodonite and it looks much better than the photo. Thank you for giving me first dibs on this very nice sample!" --John, Texas

"Your Club is one of the best and most cost effective ways of adding to our collection." --David, Hawaii

"I received the package today and the aquamarine was superb! Probably the best specimen I have received since starting, beautiful." -- Richard, Louisiana

"I had to comment on this communication. It's GREAT! All the info and offers are all in one Email with virtually all the info I would need to make a purchase or decision. Keep it up, it's excellent." --Scott, Colorado

"I just got the Aegirine specimen and found it extremely nice and interesting. The species usually looks rather blah in the books, but this is a great specimen. A very nice grouping for the price. Good write-up, too. Many thanks." --Jerry, Louisiana

"What was a surprise, however, is that you actually wrote back to him! He was delighted to get an answer. A personal response like that is unusual these days. That you took the time to do so for a kid, well, that's just extraordinary. Thank you for going above and beyond." --Eric, Illinois

"I just received the Aegirine specimen in the mail yesterday. It's simply beautiful! Thanks." --Roger, Colorado

"I received the replacement mineral you sent me a little over a week ago, it was an amazing specimen that I couldn't help but bring to work to show other enthusiasts. You guys went above and beyond and I can't thank you enough, as do my family." --Aaron, Colorado

"Thanks - your customer service is great." --Susan, California

"I gotta say I am blown away with the Kyanite Platinum-level specimen, absolutely spectacular, awesome, and the Rhodonite specimen is amazing as well. Good job Richard, i am really impressed." --Shane, Canada

"Received my aquamarine specimen today and the 2010 Gold-level set. I am thrilled with not only the specimens but also with the info sheets, which will be great reading and studying. Glad I joined!" --Gail, Minnesota

"I just wanted to send you a quick hello and let you know that my husband and I are very pleased with the two specimens we have ordered since becoming members. Thanks so much for this wonderful service you provide!" --Michelle, Florida

"Your write ups are also great, I've read through them several times. I look forward to many more selections." -- Erik

"You are to be complimented on your selection of specimens. Keep up the great work." -- Earl

"Now that I've seen some comparable material, your shipments certainly do seem an excellent value for the quality." -- Jerry

"Thanks very much. My son is so very thrilled with his membership! he's nine years old, soon to be ten-and anticipates his new mineral each month from day one. It's one of the best gifts he's received in a long, long time." -- Michele

"I also want to say thanks and 'wow!' I just loved receiving the minerals, it was a veritable treasure trove. The write ups are terrific, I love the blend of science, history, geography, and even philosophy. My family and I learn so much. The specimens are just beautiful." -- Cathy

"I'm convinced! Your club is outstanding  not only to the minerals that you offer but the service and friendliness. I must say that this is as good, if not better, than visiting a shop... Keep up the exceptional work and I look forward to many years of continued excellence." -- Steve

"We are very impressed with our specimen. Our mind's eye never conjured up the real beauty of the specimen. Its is a cherished addition to our collection. Than you so much." -- Melissa

"Let me say the pieces are fantastic! Excellent packaging, good clean size specimens, literature that accompanies each piece is well written and easy to follow... [It's great] to receive a piece each month to add to my collection." Chris

"I love all the minerals you've sent me this past year... I look forward to a new mineral every month now and I definitely want to keep that going for a long time... I love this club!!!" -- Rod, Hawaii

"I enjoy the specimens very much, and your write ups are great." -- James

"You all are doing a fabulous job and we feel privileged to receive your minerals and stories of how they were obtained. You are providing a great service for the youth of today. We have all learned so much from each little treasure we get every month." -- Kelly

" Your last shipment, amazing...Thanks again for you and your team for the the nice specimen you get for the members." -- Andre, Canada

"...thanks so much and keep up the good work! Even if you have to increase the Deluxe membership by $4 a month, I still wont be able to find a better deal out there!" -- Laura, North Carolina

"I'll will certainly be looking forward to my monthly shipment... I initially started with another club, but cancelled that subscription after receiving your sample! My brother-in-law is a real rock hound, he was so jealous that he'll probably need a subscription of his own for Christmas." -- Laurel

"I want you to know that all [my] items arrived in perfect condition. They were so well packed!!! Thanks so much." -- Bill

"I am a beginner collector and your club is perfect for me. I loved December's ruby and the write up was interesting and informative. I can hardly wait for the next one!... I look forward to a long standing membership with you. Thanks so much!!" --Kristen, Pennsylvania

"I am really amazed to receive the packet yesterday containing the minerals up to the month of August. It's a great surprise and I specially thank you both and your team to really stand up to your words. Indeed it was a surprise and you guys are awesome in providing this dedicated service... My membership to this great club would benefit me in building up some of the inventory." -- Sanjeev, Kuwait

"Just thought I'd let you know I've really enjoyed the mineral selections sent out recently, especially the Lazulite. All the samples sent out since upgrading have been great." -- Thomas, Colorado

"I want to thank you and the crew for the very beautiful specimens that you have sent me... I look forward to the specimens that you send me...You have sent me only top quality minerals."-- Matt

"Well you've done it again! This month's Azurite specimens is absolutely the most drop-dead gorgeous thing I've seen, and that's saying a lot considering all the other drop-dead gorgeous specimens I've received in the past from you guys! But this Azurite is spectacular; I could spend days just examining every little nook and cranny of it, sure to find new gorgeous bits to exclaim over. I also want to applaud you on your switch to biodegradable packing peanuts . . . I put them in my compost pile whenever it gets too wet and needs more dry items." --Laura, North Carolina

"I have just finished renewing my Gramma's membership. Thank you so much for your amazing service. She is 88 years old and adores every specimen she receives." --Victoria, Canada

"Your cinnabar sample was so nice... its now on loan from me to the University of Regina. They like it so much that they put it up with their other incredible samples at the entrance to the Geology Department!" Ian, Canada

"My niece just came running to my door and had the smile of a lifetime on her face. She proudly showed me her first piece that came in the mail and the excitement was more than I could have ever asked for. Her words... 'oh my gosh...oh my gosh...oh my gosh! Wow...it's so pretty...oh my gosh.' Well enough said you  made her day and then some." Monique, Washington

"You all are doing a fabulous job and we feel privileged to receive your minerals and stories of how they were obtained. You are providing a great service for the youth of today. We have all learned so much from each little treasure we get every month." Kelly, California

"I can see myself being a lifelong member of this club." Rod, Hawaii

"I just realized "K" hasn't been downloading the newsletters and write ups... I told him I wouldn't wash anymore of his clothes 'til they are in my hands!! Looking forward to new minerals!" Pam, Washington

"Thank you so much!" Debby, Georgia

"Well four months of new membership and fantastic specimens, I'm convinced! Your club is outstanding not only to the minerals that you offer but the service and friendliness. I must say that this is as good as if not better than visiting a shop." Steve, Indiana

"I just wanted to write and let you know how happy I am to be a member... I couldn't get a better deal. I also get a variety of minerals, many of which I would never know about otherwise. That, plus the absolutely wonderful write-ups that accompany each specimen, leads me to believe that this is the best place and the best deal for any collector! ...I love them all! So once again, thanks so much and keep up the good work!" Laura, North Carolina

"I enjoy the specimens very much, and your write ups are great." James, Colorado

"Your last shipment, amazing. Never seen an adamite like the one I received... Thanks again for you and your team for the nice specimens you get for the members." Andre, Canada

"I was very impressed with the large sized minerals that arrived today, August 17th, in excellent condition. Their size and quality were more than I expected. Keeping your Gold-Level members excited will assure lifetime memberships. I really appreciated the time chatting with you by phone. Thanks again."-- Bob, Connecticut

"All I can say is WOW, the mineral specimens that I received are outstanding to say the least."-- Bill, California   

"I joined your Club two months ago and was just writing to let you know that I am extremely pleased with the two minerals that I have received so far. The size of each sample is larger than I had expected and the quality of each mineral is excellent. Also, I am very pleased with the amount of information that is included in the write-ups. It is nice to know information not just about the mineral, but where it came from and also to know some of the history and uses of the minerals. I am very glad that I have decided to join your Club."-- E.B., New York, March 31, 2004

"I don’t know when I’ve enjoyed anything as much as I enjoy the Mineral of the Month Club!" – P. H., Colorado

"Your write-up sheets give more easy to understand information than all of the reference books that I have. Thanks for the great work!" – B.C., Georgia

"I've checked out about 15 books on rocks and minerals from the library as I've been researching our new hobby and nothing compared to these write-ups. They are very comprehensive, and more importantly, very readable." - D. D., Massachusetts

"Your mineral mailings are wonderful and your information is a pleasure to read-- my collection is growing-- couldn't be more delighted! - M. A., Ohio


"I wanted to thank you for another great year of wonderful specimens and write-ups. I appreciate all the work and research that goes into each month's mineral."  - A. F., California

"I thought about calling you, but what I have to say should be in writing: The minerals (fluorite and eudialyte) were way beyond my expectations! They are absolutely beautiful! I felt like that 10  year-old kid of some 45 years ago-- that had just gotten a prize rock for his first collection!"  - J. L., Washington

"The mineral shipment arrived on Friday. It is go great. I am continually amazed by the quality of the mineral specimens (actually, I should be getting used to the high quality, but still, I'm amazed!!)." -- S.W., Canada (Geologist)

"Thanks for another outstanding year!"-- R. A., Michigan

"I would have to leave home if I let Mineral of the Month lapse. She loves it, the specimens are all first class. We couldn’t be happier." –S.T., Arkansas

"Wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the Okenite Gold-Level specimen.   My whole family marveled at the delicate beauty and more amazingly at how it traveled across the U.S. in great shape." -- D. F., Pennsylvania (Geologist)

"I have one word for the Mineral of the Month Club... WOW !!!!!   I just opened the box last night, and I was overjoyed with the size and quality of the mineral specimen that I received.   Truthfully, I was a little skeptical when I first saw the web site.   Well, you know, unfortunately the times we live in, good deals are often too good to be true. Not in this case. You have another happy member."-- J. C., Virginia (geologist)

"I have learned so much from your write-ups that I am starting to teach my Mom."-- M. L. Age 11, Colorado

"My children were very pleased with the first samples that arrived.   My son took them to show his grade three class the day after they arrived and is looking forward to receiving the next samples."  -- T. N., Canada

"I've felt the impulse many times to commend you on the quality of your service. The quality is very high, both the specimens and the write-ups. It's rare in that few things are a combination of aesthetically and scientifically satisfying, with all that geographic, geological, economic, and political background. If you could work sex into it, your operation would be a runaway world success. Keep up the good work!"- G. H., California

Cindy loves her gift subscription! Also, my students (4th grade) look forward each month to our new mineral. As soon as it arrives, they all want to examine it." - C. H., Wyoming


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